Sunday, May 26, 2013

Polishing is the next 99%

I once heard that polishing was the next 90% and I used to say that quite often. But I've now revised it to 99%. With the increased level of polish expected by even the casual players on iOS, you just have to up your level of polish. This includes (in no particular order)

  • graphics
  • gameplay
  • reveal
  • animating everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, including all game elements, menus, dialogs, buttons, etc)
  • social network integration (and that basically means facebook)
  • achievements
  • challenges
  • tutorials (guided and static)
  • leaderboards
  • tournaments
  • special effects
  • flow (including the first 5min of gameplay)
  • sound effects & music
  • supporting multiple aspect ratios
  • supporting multiple resolutions (SD(pre-iPhone4), HD(post-iPhone4/pre-iPad3), SHD(iPad3+))
  • push notifications
  • load balancing your servers hosting leaderboards
  • icons
  • other stuff which are essential for marketing, including:
    • making web site for your game
    • making a facebook page for your game
    • game promo trailer
    • ad banners
Did I miss something?

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