Monday, September 06, 2010

Next HyperGlider sprint... BFG, Missiles, Overshield + gameplay tweaks

I'm releasing the first prototype to my close friends to play test it a bit.

I encountered a couple of problems, namely the framerate drop due to draw call for each sprite. So I started using SpriteManager for the HUD. I also implemented properly the radar. I will be posting a separate post on that. I also introduced an simple intro, where a draft comic strip is displayed and then a dialog is presented. All the graphics are drafts and will probably not make in the final version

While I will be waiting for some feedback I will be working on the next stuff:
- BFG... a huge blast that needs to recharge
- Missiles... lock on an enemy and shoot away
- Overshield... you can boost and blast into enemies
- tweak the gameplay to make it highly action packed

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