Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last sprint was hijacked :)

The last sprint was completely changed. Some valuable feedback was coming in and I found it more important to address them rather than the features in the last sprint.

I implemented an auto locking system. It's now very easy to shoot down enemies IMO. I will probably put that on for Easy mode (whenever I implement difficulties that is)

I introduced a tutorial level instead. Still needs a lot of rework. In fact I got some more feedback on this too. The tutorial should be really small. The next iteration, the tutorial should be incorporated into a level and shooting should be very early in the tutorial. Navigation is not the fun part of the game but shooting is.

Also I should add a touch control system ASAP since I got some complaints, especially when playing on an iPad, that they get tired. Wimps! :)

So my next iteration will basically be
- get tutorial level right
- touch controls

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