Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prototype available to friends soon

Ok so I bought Unity iPhone License, and added the enemies and made them shoot. However I didn't bother with optimizing the draw calls just yet.

Instead I concentrated on adding the fun elements in the game. I improved the sensation of speed by adding a stretched particle system just in front of the player's camera and I enable emitting only when the player is boosting. I also added the rotation of mothership to align firing the planet off the face of the universe. The player can now go inside the cannon and drop the nuke. He cannot enter the cannon until the mothership finishes aligning, after which the cannon's shaft opens. This may change later on when I tweak the gameplay.

I encountered some problems such as the turret's gun's rotation to shoot at you got screwed after the mothership changes orientation. I thought it was trivial to solve, but after wasting a couple of hours I pushed the task down in my priority list. I also wasted precious time trying to fix a bug with the radar. This is how the rad should work. According to the ship's forward direction and up direction, we project the enemies on a plane (up = normal), but after this projection I want to show the projected enemies on an XY plane and it's the latter part which I've got problems with. The bug that I see is that in some quadrants, the result of the positions on the XY plane are skewed somehow. Haven't figured out the problem yet, but someday I have to face this.

A friend of mine has also started sketching the comic strip for the intro, hopefully I will be seeing the sketches soon. I've also contacted a friend of mine who may give me a hand from the musical aspect of the game.

For next week:
  • Prepare build for prototype testers including intro page
  • Tweak the enemy to be a bit more realistic (current he can shoot even if its not looking at you
  • Make some game over triggers and restarting the game.
  • Tweak the manouvrability of the spaceship
  • Also the timing for mothership aligning and getting the end of the tunnel with some enemies such as turrets and ships coming at you.
  • Cutscene to see mothership shooting planet

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