Monday, September 27, 2010

New weapons done but not balanced yet

So this week I have added the ray-gun (previously I was referring to it as the BFG, but decided that the ray-gun has more potential) and also the missiles.

The ray-gun fires for a couple of seconds and you just point it to your enemies and damage would be given to the enemies. I have to tweak the recharge time and how much it stays on.

The missile will follow an enemy if you lock on to him. Right now it will lock immediately. Maybe I will add a couple of seconds before it locks. I will also need to make it more obvious that it locked on the enemy. Again I need to tweak the recharge time and also have a limit of missiles and add pickups for missiles.

I have added something which wasn't in the sprint... Actually three things. A crazy boss level where you have to chase an enemy and an alien structure made of smaller pieces that follows you. Still need to balance everything but it's looking good. The other thing is customizing the controls and placing the buttons wherever the user wants, although on a grid. And the last thing is to optionally seeing your vehicle, ala AfterBurner, but I need to add collision with it now.

I have noticed a slow down since I added more HUD stuff. I'm already using SpriteManager, but something is slowing down the framerate and narrowed it down to the HUD. It's not number of draw calls though. I will need to investigate more. If the worse comes to the worse, I will add an option for less details. It didn't effect the framerate on the iPad though.

I wanted to push out this sprint's prototype to the user but it doesn't feel right yet. So I will push it later during the week when I have sometime in the evenings.

What's next?
Collider for your visible ship with checks for camera not penetrating objects
performance tweak
minor bugs with ray and missiles

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