Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Windows 7 RC on my Macbook

I downloaded the Windows 7 RC which should be fully working until March 2010, after which they said it will start to shutdown every 2hrs.

I found a how-to run Windows 7 RC on a Mac using VMWare but first I downloaded the Windows 7 RC from Microsoft. Just need a Live account.

Ok, why VMWare and not bootcamp? I don't want to depend on Windows. I just want it to be able to run something quickly on Windows without having to reboot. I only plan to do this until I phase out Windows from my life, if I ever manage. I don't want to be switching between computers/OSes. I'm already frying my brain with switching between shortcuts and swapped positions of the minimize/maximize/close buttons.

The installation was a breeze, although it took some time to finish, but maybe because I only have 1gig on my macbook. It's a pain running a win7 with just 512megs reserved for it, when the recommended amount is 1gig! My macbook came to a crawl haha. First time I saw my macbook on its knees. I will be upgrading its RAM this summer. So I will retry running it then. For now I suggest that if you have just 1gig in your macbook, give up and don't waste your time.

Final note, I have an original Windows Vista, and I never got myself to install it. It's crap. I have worked with it for a year where I used to work, 8+ hours a day and it was a nightmare. I think Vista should have remained a beta. But Windows 7 looks promising. Personally I prefer the new Windows taskbar than the Mac's dock.


Connor said...

I also put Windows 7 RC on my macbook(white 1gb RAM), using the free virtualization software VirtualBox, it runs great. But, I do have a question, in march 2010, will my entire mac start shutting down every two hours, or just Windows 7 RC?

Great post.

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