Saturday, May 09, 2009

iPhone-izing a webapp

I need a break from Objective-C :) after fixing some glitches in the collision detection. I'm still waiting for my iPod-touch and yesterday I resent the fax to enroll to the apple developer program. Hope this time they received it fine.

So I'm currently tempted to convert my mini time management webapp to be iPhone-friendly. My eclipse/rad rails setup is still on my windows machine, so I needed a quick way how to test the changes on a simulated iphone. I found this quick iphone Windows simulator that uses Safari for Windows 3.2 underneath (webkit). It's not perfect, but it does the job for now.

I need the CSS styles and images used to make the iphone native apps look and feel. And in fact there is this iui open source project which gives you the necessary CSS and samples to get you started quickly.

Will see how it goes... the samples provided seem to be exactly what I need!

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