Monday, May 04, 2009

Mac - I'm Lovin' it

It's been slightly over a month with my second hand MacBook. I'm simply lovin' it. I'm still migrating from windows. I'm only using my windows machine through remote desktop. In fact I unplugged the monitor, keyboard and mouse and hooked them to the laptop :)

Still getting used to XCode, Objective-C and OpenGl but it's fun.

The MacBook came pre-installed with MS Office 2008, but I wasn't impressed with it. I must admit that MS Office is better on the Windows platform, more responsive.

The other complaint I got is when minimizing a window, won't get restored when you switch back to the application. It makes sense when you think that the Macs are application oriented and not window oriented, but still is frustrating having to get hold of the mouse to go over the dock and restore it. The work around using Command-H to hide the window instead.

But besides these minor details, I still think that a mac is better than windows. We'll see how I'll feel in a couple of months down the line.

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