Monday, April 13, 2009

Starting Phase 2 of iPhone project

I have just finished phase 1 for my little iPhone project, which was basically getting acquainted with Mac OS X, XCode, the iPhone Simulator, ObjectiveC, memory management, brushing up some opengl. That was quite a lot! I'm not as proficient as I am with Java on eclipse, but at least I'm starting to walk.

Now I will start on phase 2, which is basically migrating my little game prototype I have done some weeks ago in ActionScript on Flash. It's a very simple game, similar to the old Frenzy game that we used to play on my cousin's old BBC micro. The concept is similar, but you can do diagonal lines, and the prototype I have done so far uses the mouse to draw the lines. The iPhone version will be obviously using the touch interface. When I imagined this game, I always had a touch interface in my head. I have other ideas I need to experiment with to make the game even more interesting.

I better check how to setup some source code management (SCM) on XCode...

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