Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Editing of items, printing options and timestamp

We have now introduced the facility to also edit the items when the user is in the add items page. Previously (if the user had the privileges), he could just click on the name or price when in the menu and type the new values. But with the introduction of food categories, we needed a page where you could select the new category if you want to move a food item from one category to another.

We have also introduced some printing options by request. Some companies want to view the ordered food grouped by the item being ordered. Other companies want to view the ordered food grouped by the user who ordered them. So we introduced both options in the Company Profile settings where they can be ticked accordingly.

By request, the timestamp of when the order is printed is placed on the order print page.

We have also experienced a bit of problems with a number of concurrent users accessing the service. We are conducting some tests to resolve this issue. UPDATE: after a lot of testing it turned out to be a connectivity issue from a client's side.

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